Architectural Specifications by Hobbs + Associates meet the complex challenges of modern projects - for a Fixed Fee - Specifications that are readable, reliable and comprehensive.

Hobbs + Associates write Architectural and Interiors Specifications for projects and practices across Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth - all Capital cities and Regional centres.

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Engaging Hobbs + Associates seamlessly adds experience and capability to the team - expanding project capacity and expertise - enabling Architects to focus on a project without distraction whilst benefiting from our document review, technical expertise and support.

Hobbs + Associates’ specifications are based on our set of master specifications which have been developed over a long track record of successful projects. Our specifications include content not found elsewhere and which is included to address project risks. The total package enhances the reputation of the Architect for complete and reliable documentation.

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Graham Hobbs

Graham Hobbs FRAIA is the Principal Specification Writer, Developer and Director of Hobbs + Associates. Graham has a detailed and extensive knowledge of construction, materials and documentation and has personally written specifications in detail for more than 450 projects spanning over more than 25 years. Graham Hobbs is the most experienced and capable specification architect in Australia.


During the 1980s and 1990s, Graham Hobbs was employed as a full-time in-house Specification Writer and Technical Manager with the leading architectural practices that are now known as PTW Architects, BVN and DBI. This was a time when large practices employed two or more full-time in-house specification writers. It was a time when Graham specified the curtain wall facades on high rise CBD office buildings !

Hobbs + Associates was established by Graham Hobbs FRAIA in 1991, providing specifications services for over 25 years.

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  • FRAIA: Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects
  • BSc (Arch) University of Sydney, BD (Hons) (MCD), Grad Dip Arch (QUT)
  • Registered Architect, Queensland Board of Architects (No: 2361)
  • Served on RAIA Chapter Council and on RAIA Practice, ESD, and Housing Committees
  • Past-President (QLD) of Association of Consulting Architects of Australia — 2006-2010
  • Developed and delivered the first RAIA course on QA for Architects (in 1991)