Hobbs + Associates Specifications services deliver readable, reliable and comprehensive specifications - our commitment to meet the agreed project program - and the benefits of our Experience, Research, Guidance and Peer Review of the documents.


A Services Proposal submitted by Hobbs + Associates is based on our commitment to meet the deadlines that have been set for the project. This commitment follows discussion and review of preliminary project drawings and program milestones. With this commitment, you are assured of delivery of the specifications as and when agreed - which frees you to focus on your many other project concerns .

Peer Review

Hobbs + Associates specifications service includes a peer review of your documentation. It is invaluable to have an independent and experienced set of eyes review and comment on your drawings and schedules - detecting gaps and conflicts for correction prior to issue - with the objective of achieving a total documentation package that is reliable and matched to its purpose.

Research and Guidance

Research on materials, technical and construction matters is regularly undertaken by Hobbs + Associates with the results incorporated into our master specifications and into the delivery of our services.

Guidance on both technical and project matters is regularly incorporated into the services. In many ways, this guidance is an added extra freely provided and for which no fee is added.


Hobbs + Associates specifications are completely customised for each project and written to meet the demands of each stage of the project - whether that be DD, Pre-Novation, Lump Sum tender or Construction stage.

Specifications formats depending on the stage include:

  • Outline specifications
  • Performance specifications
  • Full detailed specifications.

Specifications content is detailed, including the following as applicable:

  • Compliance with standards and codes
  • Material selections
  • Design completion by contractor
  • Quality and standards of construction
  • Checks and submissions during construction
  • Standards of workmanship
  • Responsibilities of builders and sub-contractors
  • Rectification of deficient and defective work

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Hobbs + Associates remains anonymous as the specifications are identified with your practice name, not ours.

We work as far as possible directly from your drawings and schedules minimizing interruptions to your time. We do not commence with a lengthy query sheet - soaking up your time - as do some alternative providers.

Under our Natspec licence, our specifications will meet project obligations to use Natspec where these apply.


“Your specifications are of great quality and very easy to navigate. Links to our schedules are excellent and give the client the ability to easily connect the two.”