How Do We Quote?

At Hobbs + Associates, we prepare each quote in the form of a Services Proposal that is intended to match your project and its program. Our Services Proposal commits us to meet your requirements for the specification deliverables and milestones based on the documents received from you and offers a fee for your consideration.

Each project is unique as to its design, but also nowadays as to its delivery method, its program, the stage to which the documentation will be developed and the intended use of the documents. The latter is usually for some form of Tender which can range from Pre-Novation through to full Lump Sum contract tender. The documentation may be developed to “100%” or “fully documented” but is increasingly commonly at some stage through the DD or CD.

To respond responsibly to this setting, we generally request to receive and be advised of the following, assuming a single target issue:

  • Current or recent set of overall (GA) Drawings – Plans, Elevations, Sections
  • Target issue date and status for the specifications
  • Stage of documentation intended at that target date
  • Any prior milestones for which a spec issue is required – as a draft or “Early Works”

In the case of projects with multiple issue dates, such as a “Trade Package” delivery program, we make some additional enquiries about the program milestones and the architectural documents that will be available for the spec coordination.

Our core services are based on that the market is usually seeking from us: the preparation and delivery of architectural, and interiors, trade specifications. Our scope – and the demand from architects using our services – usually does not include preparation of Contract Preliminaries and Tendering forms (usually by the project manager), or Schedules of Doors, Finishes, Fixtures and the like (by the client Architect).

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