What Is Natspec?

Natspec is an organisation which publishes a range of sets of specification template documents and it is these sets of documents that are usually intended when architects refer to “Natspec”.

Hobbs + Associates are subscribers to the “Building Professional” set of Natspec which described in Natspec’s website as “definitive building specification package with over 150 worksections”. Our licence for the use of Natspec includes preparation of specifications for client architects using Natspec content.

Editions, or sets, of Natspec specification templates include four different levels intended for architectural specifications – Building Professional, Building Basic, Building Domestic, Simple Domestic – and also sets intended for Interiors and for Landscape. Structure, Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic Services sets of specification templates are also published.

For architects, the “Building” editions of Natspec out of the box require substantial editing and entering of project specific content in order to produce a specification to an expected standard. This is a process which architects may find more challenging than they may care to undertake whilst also managing a demanding project and program.

At Hobbs + Associates, we work from an already established and developed set of master specifications and as a result we are freed to concentrate on supporting you and your project.

At Hobbs + Associates, we have the capability to develop specifications that are unique to the requirements and content of the project. This includes the capability to write completely new “trades” from scratch, if and when so needed for new materials and practices – as arises not infrequently.

Whenever use of Natspec is mandated on your project, we can certainly provide specifications which comply.

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